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 Freemasonry, poison destroying Christian Europe
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Steve in Vista

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Posted - 15 Jun 2007 :  12:01:38  

Behind the Communist Flag, within history, you will find the Magen Star of David.

You will find it behind every subversive force on this earth that opposes God and exalts itself as god. It is the very real conspiracy by the synagogue against the Church. That conspiracy is known as Freemasonry and it's ultimate concoction of evil, Illuminism. This is the basis of false Ecumenism and the absurd and blasphemous idea that all religions are the same. The Christian faith and religion cannot be compared to, for instance, Lurianic Cabalistic Talmudic Judaism. Jesus Christ utterly condemned such a proposition in the sternest terms. For instance Gospel of St. Mark 7:6-9 and Gospel of St. John 8:44.

This Judaic invention is the base for the religiosity proposed to supplant the Christian faith in Europe and be that which is subscribed to as a new state religion undergirding the European Union. Benediktos' novus ordo Vatican is the puppet of this. Before the Christian faith was spread in Europe, the people there were rude and cruel barbarians. The only thing that changed that is Jesus Christ and His Gospel. Now we are witnessing the plotting and carrying out of the plans of that which can only be rightly termed Antichrist.



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Posted - 15 Jun 2007 :  12:49:56  


I don’t mean to offend you, but this sounds a little nazi to me. Yet, let us just suppose for a moment, that you offered all the necessary proofs to convince us that your description of Judaism and Freemasonry is correct. Even thus, is Europe just a soul-less and will-less ‘thing’, being dragged all over by a bunch of Jewish conspirators? Then why blame the Jews? If Europe is a puppet, you must blame Europe, and not even mention the Jews or anyone.

If there is a problem, it is a problem caused by Europeans themselves, whether or not other forces had a secondary (or even weaker) participation. Not seeing the real causes and transferring the responsibility outside, is a way to extend the problem, not to solve it.

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Christina Archer

4 Posts

Posted - 16 Jun 2007 :  05:18:13  


That is anti-semetic. Have you not heard of Occam's razor? It may be that your mind needs to have a shave.

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Posted - 17 Jun 2007 :  11:19:46  



All Christians if they are truly going to come to know Him in His fullness, must accept the historical fact that Jesus came to the world from the house of Abraham. This is His father's house. He was born a simple Jew and died upon the cross as a Jew too, and it was His resurrection, that made Him Christ and, God became man from that moment on. It's perhaps this "disclosure" or even "contamination" towards the created imperfect realm, a revelation that's no mere gesture towards humanity, but rather a risk of the greatest significance, the implications of which the Jews couldn't accept in it's fullness.

Christianity has remained in many ways, the darkest shadow for the Jews, due to the familiar, "family" closeness between them. Many Jews still feel betrayed by God's concession to humanity through the miracle of Christ's life, death and resurrection that was made evident for all tribes, and for the subsequent blame and guilt that they were made suffer for this throughout the last 2000 years. Why was God given human shape? This is a question that the Jews at the deepest level of their being find I suspect still so difficult to comprehend. This accompanied by the fact that both Jews and Gentiles still can, and often do feel palpably those wounds of negativity, betrayal, hurt, anguish, pride and guilt, makes a "family reunion" a this late stage in history so very difficult.

However, speaking as a lapsed Roman Catholic, I find that my only portal back towards a state or place, where Christianity can mean something to me living in this world, that’s increasingly becoming more and more unaware everyday to our sense of "debt" and relationship with He who is All; He who is blessed and radiant to the core, and to know Him, one must remember from where He came, and as Christians we cannot partake in what He means fully without been truthful to His origins, as a Jew too. Our collective amnesia has even made us forget many ideas we share in common with so many Jews, like the felt feeling of our sinfulness in this world, our sense of falleness into so much error, hatred and banality and, our failure to radically change ourselves into His image (a failure of which I'm constantly aware of). We are no longer allowed to any feel shame or guilt about the sins that we all to willingly commit, without these feelings its difficult to see how we’ll ever make ourselves more worthy of God.

The failure of organisations like the EU to remember "who we are" has little to do with Jews or Freemasons. I suspect, that the civilised world no longer feels those pressing presences of the Judaeo-Christian tradition that once defined and shaped Europe.


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Posted - 25 Nov 2007 :  08:33:16  


I would concur with Freemasonry, the destroying Christian Europe. One of the basic teachings of Freemasonry is the "Universal Brotherhood of Man". This is against what God created when He Destroyed the Tower of Babel. God created man to be in races/nations/tribes/ethnicities. We are first, our blood's brother. One must hold a duality. That yes Man is all one, but Man is also particularized into Tribes/Races. Freemasonry is about rebuilding the "Tower of Babel".

Second, Freemasonry teaches a tolerance, a tolerance of all religions. Tolerance is nothing but Relativity which is the heart of Nihilism.

And yes, Freemasonry feeds into Communism which is referred to Jewish Bolshevism. The term Political Correctness is a Marxist term coined in the 1920's Soviet Russia. And it is this Political Correctness, its teaching of anti-bigotry and anti-racism, that is destroying Europe.

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Posted - 28 Nov 2007 :  22:15:57  


Hi Everyone,

This is an interesting subject and I have enjoyed reading all your comments - Seems as humans on this planet we can be very passionate about our beliefs. Could it be possible that Europe is starting to enter a period of transformation and re-evaluation? Didn't such a thing happen a thousand years ago when the Orthodox (Byzantine/Greek) and Roman Catholic Church split resulting in the Great Schism of 1054? In fact didn't passions run so high that the Pope of each church ex-communicated the other? Seems to me it must have created a world event like none other! It would be easy to blame all our problems on one group or another but afterall aren't we accountable for our own success or failures? Europe can only be undone if it allows itself to be undone and I believe freemasonary has little or nothing to do with it. I agree with James in that most people do not really know who they are (genetical/historical origin) and it would probably alter the mindset of the world if the truth were known.

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