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1 And it came to pass after the plague, that the Lord spoke to Moses and Eleazar the priest, saying, 2 Take the sum of all the congregation of the children of Israel, from twenty years old and upward, according to the houses of their lineage, every one that goes forth to battle in Israel. 3 And Moses and Eleazar the priest spoke in Araboth of Moab at the Jordan by Jericho, saying, 4 [This is the numbering] from twenty years old and upward as the Lord commanded Moses. And the sons of Israel that came out of Egypt [are as follows]: 5 Ruben [was] the first-born of Israel: and the sons of Ruben, Enoch and the family of Enoch; to Phallu belongs the family of the Phalluites. 6 To Asron, the family of Asroni: to Charmi, the family of Charmi. 7 These [are] the families of Ruben; and their numbering was forty-three thousand and seven hundred and thirty. 8 And the sons of Phallu [were] Eliab,-- 9 and the sons of Eliab, Namuel, and Dathan, and Abiron: these [are] renowned men of the congregation; these are they that rose up against Moses and Aaron in the gathering of Core, in the rebellion against the Lord. 10 And the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up them and Core, when their assembly perished, when the fire devoured the two hundred and fifty, and they were made a sign. 11 But the sons of Core died not. 12 And the sons of Symeon:-- the family of the sons of Symeon: to Namuel, [belonged] the family of the Namuelites; to Jamin the family of the Jaminites; to Jachin the family of the Jachinites. 13 To Zara the family of the Zaraites; to Saul the family of the Saulites. 14 These [are] the families of Symeon according to their numbering, two and twenty thousand and two hundred. 15 The sons of Gad according to their families: to Saphon, the family of the Saphonites; to Angi, the family of the Angites; to Suni, the family of the Sunites; 16 to Azeni, the family of the Azenites; to Addi, the family of the Addites: 17 to Aroadi, the family of the Aroadites; to Ariel, the family of the Arielites. 18 These [are] the families of the children of Gad according to their numbering, forty-four thousand and five hundred. 19 And the sons of Juda, Er and Aunan; and Er and Aunan died in the land of Chanaan. 20 And these were the sons of Juda, according to their families: to Selom [belonged] the family of the Selonites; to Phares, the family of the Pharesites; to Zara, the family of the Zaraites. 21 And the sons of Phares were, to Asron, the family of the Asronites; to Jamun, the family of the Jamunites. 22 These [are] the families of Juda according to their numbering, seventy-six thousand and five hundred. 23 And the sons of Issachar according to their families: to Thola, the family of the Tholaites; to Phua, the family of the Phuaites. 24 To Jasub, the family of the Jasubites; to Samram, the family of the Samramites. 25 These [are] the families of Issachar according to their numbering, sixty-four thousand and four hundred. 26 The sons of Zabulon according to their families: to Sared, the family of the Saredites; to Allon, the family of the Allonites; to Allel, the family of the Allelites. 27 These [are] the families of Zabulon according to their numbering, sixty thousand and five hundred. 28 The sons of Joseph according to their families, Manasse and Ephraim. 29 The sons of Manasse. To Machir the family of the Machirites; and Machir begot Galaad: to Galaad, the family of the Galaadites. 30 And these [are] the sons of Galaad; to Achiezer, the family of the Achiezerites; to Cheleg, the family of the Chelegites. 31 To Esriel, the family of the Esrielites; to Sychem, the family of the Sychemites. 32 To Symaer, the family of the Symaerites; and to Opher, the family of the Opherites. 33 And to Salpaad the son of Opher there were no sons, but daughters: and these [were] the names of the daughters of Salpaad; Mala, and Nua, and Egla, and Melcha, and Thersa. 34 These [are] the families of Manasse according to their numbering, fifty-two thousand and seven hundred. 35 And these [are] the children of Ephraim; to Suthala, the family of the Suthalanites; to Tanach, the family of the Tanachites. 36 These [are] the sons of Suthala; to Eden, the family of the Edenites. 37 These [are] the families of Ephraim according to their numbering, thirty-two thousand and five hundred: these [are] the families of the children of Joseph according to their families. 38 The sons of Benjamin according to their families; to Bale, the family of the Balites; to Asyber, the family of the Asyberites; to Jachiran, the family of the Jachiranites. 39 To Sophan, the family of the Sophanites. 40 And the sons of Bale were Adar and Noeman; to Adar, the family of the Adarites; and to Noeman, the family of the Noemanites. 41 These [are] the sons of Benjamin by their families according to their numbering, thirty-five thousand and five hundred. 42 And the sons of Dan according to their families; to Same, the family of the Sameites; these [are] the families of Dan according to their families. 43 All the families of Samei according to their numbering, sixty-four thousand and four hundred. 44 The sons of Aser according to their families; to Jamin, the family of the Jaminites; to Jesu, the family of the Jesusites; to Baria, the family of the Bariaites. 45 To Chober, the family of the Choberites; to Melchiel, the family of the Melchielites. 46 And the name of the daughter of Aser, Sara. 47 These [are] the families of Aser according to their numbering, forty-three thousand and four hundred. 48 The sons of Nephthali according to their families; to Asiel, the family of the Asielites; to Gauni, the family of the Gaunites. 49 To Jeser, the family of the Jeserites; to Sellem, the family of the Sellemites. 50 These [are] the families of Nephthali, according to their numbering, forty thousand and three hundred. 51 This [is] the numbering of the children of Israel, six hundred and one thousand and seven hundred and thirty. 52 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, 53 To these the land shall be divided, so that they may inherit according to the number of the names. 54 To the greater number thou shalt give the greater inheritance, and to the less number thou shalt give the less inheritance: to each one, as they have been numbered, shall their inheritance be given. 55 The land shall be divided to the names by lot, they shall inherit according to the tribes of their families. 56 Thou shalt divide their inheritance by lot between the many and the few. 57 And the sons of Levi according to their families; to Gedson, the family of the Gedsonites; to Caath, the family of the Caathites; to Merari, the family of the Merarites. 58 These [are] the families of the sons of Levi; the family of the Lobenites, the family of the Chebronites, the family of the Coreites, and the family of the Musites; and Caath begot Amram. 59 And the name of his wife [was] Jochabed, daughter of Levi, who bore these to Levi in Egypt, and she bore to Amram, Aaron and Moses, and Mariam their sister. 60 And to Aaron were born both Nadab and Abiud, and Eleazar, and Ithamar. 61 And Nadab and Abiud died when they offered strange fire before the Lord in the wilderness of Sina. 62 And there were according to their numbering, twenty-three thousand, every male from a month old and upward; for they were not numbered among the children of Israel, because they have no inheritance in the midst of the children of Israel. 63 And this [is] the numbering of Moses and Eleazar the priest, who numbered the children of Israel in Araboth of Moab, at Jordan by Jericho. 64 And among these there was not a man numbered by Moses and Aaron, whom, [even] the children of Israel, they numbered in the wilderness of Sinai. 65 For the Lord said to them, They shall surely die in the wilderness; and there was not left even one of them, except Chaleb the son of Jephonne, and Joshua the [son] of Naue. ΚΑΙ ἐγένετο μετὰ τὴν πληγὴν καὶ ἐλάλησε Κύριος πρὸς Μωυσῆν καὶ ᾿Ελεάζαρ τὸν ἱερέα λέγων· 2 λαβὲ τὴν ἀρχὴν πάσης συναγωγῆς υἱῶν ᾿Ισραὴλ ἀπὸ εἰκοσαετοῦς καὶ ἐπάνω κατ’ οἴκους πατριῶν αὐτῶν, πᾶς ὁ ἐκπορευόμενος παρατάξασθαι ἐν ᾿Ισραήλ. 3 καὶ ἐλάλησε Μωυσῆς καὶ ᾿Ελεάζαρ ὁ ἱερεὺς ἐν ᾿Αραβὼθ Μωὰβ ἐπὶ τοῦ ᾿Ιορδάνου κατὰ ῾Ιεριχὼ λέγων· 4 ἀπὸ εἰκοσαετοῦς καὶ ἐπάνω, ὃν τρόπον συνέταξε Κύριος τῷ Μωυσῇ. καὶ οἱ υἱοὶ ᾿Ισραὴλ οἱ ἐξελθόντες ἐξ Αἰγύπτου· 5 Ῥουβὴν πρωτότοκος ᾿Ισραήλ. υἱοὶ δὲ Ῥουβήν· ᾿Ενὼχ καὶ δῆμος τοῦ ᾿Ενώχ· τῷ Φαλλοὺ δῆμος τοῦ Φαλλουΐ· 6 τῷ ᾿Ασρὼν δῆμος τοῦ ᾿Ασρωνί· τῷ Χαρμὶ δῆμος τοῦ Χαρμί. 7 οὗτοι δῆμοι Ῥουβήν· καὶ ἐγένετο ἡ ἐπίσκεψις αὐτῶν τρεῖς καὶ τεσσαράκοντα χιλιάδες καὶ ἑπτακόσιοι καὶ τριάκοντα. 8 καὶ υἱοὶ Φαλλοὺ ῾Ελιάβ. 9 καὶ υἱοὶ ῾Ελιάβ· Ναμουὴλ καὶ Δαθὰν καὶ ᾿Αβειρών· οὗτοι ἐπίκλητοι τῆς συναγωγῆς, οὗτοί εἰσιν οἱ ἐπισυστάντες ἐπὶ Μωυσῆν καὶ ᾿Ααρὼν ἐν τῇ συναγωγῇ Κορέ, ἐν τῇ ἐπισυστάσει Κυρίου, 10 καὶ ἀνοίξασα ἡ γῆ τὸ στόμα αὐτῆς κατέπιεν αὐτοὺς καὶ Κορὲ ἐν τῷ θανάτῳ τῆς συναγωγῆς αὐτοῦ, ὅτε κατέφαγε τὸ πῦρ τοὺς πεντήκοντα καὶ διακοσίους, καὶ ἐγενήθησαν ἐν σημείῳ, 11 οἱ δὲ υἱοὶ Κορὲ οὐκ ἀπέθανον. 12 καὶ οἱ υἱοὶ Συμεών· ὁ δῆμος τῶν υἱῶν Συμεών· τῷ Ναμουὴλ δῆμος ὁ Ναμουηλί· τῷ ᾿Ιαμὶν δῆμος ὁ ᾿Ιαμινί· τῷ ᾿Ιαχὶν δῆμος ᾿Ιαχινί· 13 τῷ Ζαρὰ δῆμος ὁ Ζαραΐ· τῷ Σαοὺλ δῆμος ὁ Σαουλί. 14 οὗτοι δῆμοι Συμεὼν ἐκ τῆς ἐπισκέψεως αὐτῶν, δύο καὶ εἴκοσι χιλιάδες καὶ διακόσιοι. 15 υἱοὶ δὲ ᾿Ιούδα· ῍Ηρ καὶ Αὐνάν· καὶ ἀπέθανεν ῍Ηρ καὶ Αὐνὰν ἐν γῇ Χαναάν. 16 καὶ ἐγένοντο οἱ υἱοὶ ᾿Ιούδα κατὰ δήμους αὐτῶν· τῷ Σηλὼμ δῆμος ὁ Σηλωνί· τῷ Φαρὲς δῆμος ὁ Φαρεσί· τῷ Ζαρὰ δῆμος ὁ Ζαραΐ. 17 καὶ ἐγένοντο οἱ υἱοὶ Φαρές· τῷ ᾿Ασρὼν δῆμος ὁ ᾿Ασρωνί· τῷ ᾿Ιαμούν, δῆμος ὁ ᾿Ιαμουνί. 18 οὗτοι δῆμοι τοῦ ᾿Ιούδα κατὰ τὴν ἐπίσκεψιν αὐτῶν, ἓξ καὶ ἑβδομήκοντα χιλιάδες καὶ πεντακόσιοι. 19 καὶ υἱοὶ ᾿Ισσάχαρ κατὰ δήμους αὐτῶν· τῷ Θωλᾷ δῆμος ὁ Θωλαΐ· τῷ Φουᾷ δῆμος ὁ Φουαΐ· 20 τῷ ᾿Ιασοὺβ δῆμος ὁ ᾿Ιασουβί· τῷ Σαμρὰμ δῆμος ὁ Σαμραμί. 21 οὗτοι δῆμοι ᾿Ισσάχαρ ἐξ ἐπισκέψεως αὐτῶν, τέσσαρες καὶ ἑξήκοντα χιλιάδες καὶ τετρακόσιοι. 22 υἱοὶ Ζαβουλὼν κατὰ δήμους αὐτῶν· τῷ Σαρὲδ δῆμος ὁ Σαρεδί· τῷ ᾿Αλλὼν δῆμος ὁ ᾿Αλλωνί· τῷ ᾿Αλλὴλ δῆμος ὁ ᾿Αλληλί· 23 οὗτοι δῆμοι Ζαβουλὼν ἐξ ἐπισκέψεως αὐτῶν, ἑξήκοντα χιλιάδες καὶ πεντακόσιοι. 24 υἱοὶ Γὰδ κατὰ δήμους αὐτῶν· τῷ Σαφὼν δῆμος ὁ Σαφωνί· τῷ ᾿Αγγὶ δῆμος ὁ ᾿Αγγί· τῷ Σουνὶ δῆμος ὁ Σουνί· 25 τῷ ᾿Αζενὶ δῆμος ὁ ᾿Αζενί· τῷ ᾿Αδδὶ δῆμος ὁ ᾿Αδδί· 26 τῷ ᾿Αροαδὶ δῆμος ὁ ᾿Αροαδί· τῷ ᾿Αριὴλ δῆμος ὁ ᾿Αριηλί. 27 οὗτοι δῆμοι υἱῶν Γὰδ ἐξ ἐπισκέψεως αὐτῶν, τέσσαρες καὶ τεσσαράκοντα χιλιάδες καὶ πεντακόσιοι. 28 υἱοὶ ᾿Ασὴρ κατὰ δήμους αὐτῶν· τῷ ᾿Ιαμὶν δῆμος ὁ ᾿Ιαμινί· τῷ ᾿Ιεσοὺ δῆμος ὁ ᾿Ιεσουΐ· τῷ Βαριὰ δῆμος ὁ Βαριαΐ· 29 τῷ Χοβὲρ δῆμος ὁ Χοβερί· τῷ Μελχιὴλ δῆμος ὁ Μελχιηλί. 30 καὶ τὸ ὄνομα θυγατρὸς ᾿Ασὴρ Σάρα. 31 οὗτοι δῆμοι ᾿Ασὴρ ἐξ ἐπισκέψεως αὐτῶν, τρεῖς καὶ τεσσαράκοντα χιλιάδες καὶ τετρακόσιοι. 32 υἱοὶ ᾿Ιωσὴφ κατὰ δήμους αὐτῶν· Μανασσῆ καὶ ᾿Εφραίμ. 33 υἱοὶ Μανασσῆ· τῷ Μαχὶρ δῆμος ὁ Μαχιρί· καὶ Μαχὶρ ἐγέννησε τὸν Γαλαάδ· τῷΓαλαὰδ δῆμος ὁ Γαλααδί. 34 καὶ οὗτοι υἱοὶ Γαλαάδ· ᾿Αχιέζερ δῆμος ὁ ᾿Αχιεζερί· τῷ Χελὲγ δῆμος ὁ Χελεγί· 35 τῷ ᾿Εσριὴλ δῆμος ὁ ᾿Εσριηλί· τῷ Συχὲμ δῆμος ὁ Συχεμί· 36 τῷ Συμαὲρ δῆμος ὁ Συμαερί· καὶ τῷ ᾿Οφὲρ δῆμος ὁ ᾿Οφερί· 37 καὶ τῷ Σαλπαὰδ υἱῷ ᾿Οφὲρ οὐκ ἐγένοντο αὐτῷ υἱοί, ἀλλ’ ἢ θυγατέρες, καὶ ταῦτα τὰ ὀνόματα τῶν θυγατέρων Σαλπαάδ· Μαλὰ καὶ Νουὰ καὶ ᾿Εγλὰ καὶ Μελχὰ καὶ Θερσά. 38 οὗτοι δῆμοι Μανασσῆ ἐξ ἐπισκέψεως αὐτῶν, δύο καὶ πεντήκοντα χιλιάδες καὶ ἑπτακόσιοι. 39 καὶ οὗτοι υἱοὶ ᾿Εφραίμ· τῷ Σουθαλὰ δῆμος ὁ Σουθαλαΐ· τῷ Τανὰχ δῆμος ὁ Ταναχί. 40 οὗτοι υἱοὶ Σουθαλά· τῷ ᾿Εδὲν δῆμος ὁ ᾿Εδενί. 41 οὗτοι δῆμοι ᾿Εφραὶμ ἐξ ἐπισκέψεως αὐτῶν, δύο καὶ τριάκοντα χιλιάδες καὶ πεντακόσιοι. οὗτοι δῆμοι υἱῶν ᾿Ιωσὴφ κατὰ δήμους αὐτῶν. 42 υἱοὶ Βενιαμὶν κατὰ δήμους αὐτῶν· τῷ Βαλὲ δῆμος ὁ Βαλί· τῷ ᾿Ασυβὴρ δῆμος ὁ ᾿Ασυβηρί· τῷ ᾿Ιαχιρὰν δῆμος ὁ ᾿Ιαχιρανί· 43 τῷ Σωφὰν δῆμος ὁ Σωφανί. 44 καὶ ἐγένοντο οἱ υἱοὶ Βαλὲ ᾿Αδὰρ καὶ Νοεμάν· τῷ ᾿Αδὰρ δῆμος ὁ ᾿Αδαρὶ καὶ τῷ Νοεμὰν δῆμος ὁ Νοεμανί. 45 οὗτοι οἱ υἱοὶ Βενιαμὶν κατὰ δήμους αὐτῶν ἐξ ἐπισκέψεως αὐτῶν, πέντε καὶ τριάκοντα χιλιάδες καὶ πεντακόσιοι. 46 καὶ υἱοὶ Δὰν κατὰ δήμους αὐτῶν· τῷ Σαμὲ δῆμος ὁ Σαμεΐ· οὗτοι δῆμοι Δὰν κατὰ δήμους αὐτῶν. 47 πάντες οἱ δῆμοι Σαμεΐ κατ’ ἐπισκοπὴν αὐτῶν τέσσαρες καὶ ἑξήκοντα χιλιάδες καὶ τετρακόσιοι. 48 υἱοὶ Νεφθαλὶ κατὰ δήμους αὐτῶν· τῷ ᾿Ασιὴλ δῆμος ὁ ᾿Ασιηλί· τῷ Γαυνὶ δῆμος ὁ Γαυνί· 49 τῷ ᾿Ιεσὲρ δῆμος ὁ ᾿Ιεσερί· τῷ Σελλὴμ δῆμος ὁ Σελλημί. 50 οὗτοι δῆμοι Νεφθαλὶ ἐξ ἐπισκέψεως αὐτῶν, τεσσαράκοντα χιλιάδες καὶ τριακόσιοι. 51 αὕτη ἡ ἐπίσκεψις υἱῶν ᾿Ισραήλ, ἑξακόσιαι χιλιάδες καὶ χίλιοι καὶ ἑπτακόσιοι καὶ τριάκοντα. 52 Καὶ ἐλάλησε Κύριος πρὸς Μωυσῆν λέγων· 53 τούτοις μερισθήσεται ἡ γῆ κληρονομεῖν ἐξ ἀριθμοῦ ὀνομάτων· 54 τοῖς πλείοσι πλεονάσεις τὴν κληρονομίαν καὶ τοῖς ἐλάττοσιν ἐλαττώσεις τὴν κληρονομίαν αὐτῶν· ἑκάστῳ καθὼς ἐπεσκέπησαν, δοθήσεται ἡ κληρονομία αὐτῶν. 55 διὰ κλήρων μερισθήσεται ἡ γῆ· τοῖς ὀνόμασι, κατὰ φυλὰς πατριῶν αὐτῶν κληρονομήσουσιν· 56 ἐκ τοῦ κλήρου μεριεῖς τὴν κληρονομίαν αὐτῶν ἀνὰ μέσων πολλῶν καὶ ὀλίγων. 57 Καὶ υἱοὶ Λευὶ κατὰ δήμους αὐτῶν· τῷ Γεδσὼν δῆμος ὁ Γεδσωνί· τῷ Καὰθ δῆμος ὁ Κααθί· τῷ Μεραρὶ δῆμος ὁ Μεραρί. 58 οὗτοι οἱ δῆμοι υἱῶν Λευί· δῆμος ὁ Λοβενί, δῆμος ὁ Χεβρωνί, δῆμος ὁ Κορὲ καὶ δῆμος ὁ Μουσί. καὶ Καὰθ ἐγέννησε τὸν ᾿Αμράμ. 59 τὸ δέ ὄνομα τῆς γυναικὸς αὐτοῦ ᾿Ιωχαβέδ, θυγάτηρ Λευί, ἣ ἔτεκε τούτους τῷ Λευΐ ἐν Αἰγύπτῳ· καὶ ἔτεκε τῷ ᾿Αμρὰμ τὸν ᾿Ααρὼν καὶ Μωυσῆν καὶ Μαριὰμ τὴν ἀδελφὴν αὐτῶν. 60 καὶ ἐγεννήθησαν τῷ ᾿Ααρὼν ὅ τε Ναδὰβ καὶ ᾿Αβιοὺδ καὶ ᾿Ελεάζαρ καὶ ᾿Ιθάμαρ. 61 καὶ ἀπέθανε Ναδὰβ καὶ ᾿Αβιοὺδ ἐν τῷ προσφέρειν αὐτοὺς πῦρ ἀλλότριον ἔναντι Κυρίου ἐν τῇ ἐρήμῳ Σινά. 62 καὶ ἐγενήθησαν ἐξ ἐπισκέψεως αὐτῶν τρεῖς καὶ εἴκοσι χιλιάδες, πᾶν ἀρσενικὸν ἀπὸ μηνιαίου καὶ ἐπάνω· οὐ γὰρ συνεπεσκέπησαν ἐν μέσῳ υἱῶν ᾿Ισραήλ, ὅτι οὐ δίδοται αὐτοῖς κλῆρος ἐν μέσῳ υἱῶν ᾿Ισραήλ. 63 καὶ αὕτη ἡ ἐπίσκεψις Μωυσῆ καὶ ᾿Ελεάζαρ τοῦ ἱερέως, οἳ ἐπεσκέψαντο τοὺς υἱοὺς ᾿Ισραὴλ ἐν ᾿Αραβὼθ Μωάβ, ἐπὶ τοῦ ᾿Ιορδάνου κατὰ ῾Ιεριχώ. 64 καὶ ἐν τούτοις οὐκ ἦν ἄνθρωπος τῶν ἐπεσκεμμένων ὑπὸ Μωυσῆ καὶ ᾿Ααρών, οὓς ἐπεσκέψαντο τοὺς υἱοὺς ᾿Ισραὴλ ἐν τῇ ἐρήμῳ Σινά· 65 ὅτι εἶπε Κύριος αὐτοῖς· θανάτῳ ἀποθανοῦνται ἐν τῇ ἐρήμῳ· καὶ οὐ κατελείφθη ἐξ αὐτῶν οὐδὲ εἷς, πλὴν Χάλεβ υἱὸς ᾿Ιεφοννὴ καὶ ᾿Ιησοῦς ὁ τοῦ Ναυή.

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