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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

The Greek Old Testament (Septuagint)

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1 He that loves instruction loves sense, but he that hates reproofs is a fool. 2 He that has found favour with the Lord [is made] better; but a transgressor shall be passed over in silence. 3 A man shall not prosper by wickedness; but the roots of the righteous shall not be taken up. 4 A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband; but as a worm in wood, so a bad woman destroys her husband. 5 The thoughts of the righteous [are true] judgments; but ungodly men devise deceits. 6 The words of ungodly men are crafty; but the mouth of the upright shall deliver them. 7 When the ungodly is overthrown, he vanishes away; but the houses of the just remain. 8 The mouth of an understanding [man] is praised by a man; but he that is dull of heart is had in derision. 9 Better is a man in dishonour serving himself, than one honouring himself and wanting bread. 10 A righteous man has pity for the lives of his cattle; but the bowels of the ungodly are unmerciful. 11 He that tills his own land shall be satisfied with bread; but they that pursue vanities are void of understanding. 11α He that enjoys himself in banquets of wine, shall leave dishonour in his own strong holds. 12 The desires of the ungodly are evil; but the roots of the godly are firmly set. 13 For the sin of [his] lips a sinner falls into snare; but a righteous man escapes from them. 13α He whose looks are gentle shall be pitied, but he that contends in the gates will afflict souls. 14 The soul of a man shall be filled with good from the fruits of his mouth; and the recompence of his lips shall be given to him. 15 The ways of fools are right in their own eyes; but a wise man hearkens to counsels. 16 A fool declares his wrath the same day; but a prudent man hides his own disgrace. 17 A righteous man declares the open truth; but an unjust witness is deceitful. 18 Some wound as they speak, [like] swords; but the tongues of the wise heal. 19 True lips establish testimony; but a hasty witness has an unjust tongue. 20 [There is] deceit in the heart of him that imagines evil; but they that love peace shall rejoice. 21 No injustice will please a just man; but the ungodly will be filled with mischief. 22 Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord; but he that deals faithfully is accepted with him. 23 An understanding man is a throne of wisdom; but the heart of fools shall meet with curses. 24 The hand of chosen men shall easily obtain rule; but the deceitful shall be for a prey. 25 A terrible word troubles the heart of a righteous man; but a good message rejoices him. 26 A just arbitrator shall be his own friend; but mischief shall pursue sinners; and the way of ungodly men shall lead them astray. 27 A deceitful man shall catch no game; but a blameless man is a precious possession. 28 In the ways of righteousness is life; but the ways of those that remember injuries [lead] to death. Ο ἀγαπῶν παιδείαν, ἀγαπᾷ αἴσθησιν, ὁ δὲ μισῶν ἐλέγχους ἄφρων. 2 κρείσων ὁ εὑρὼν χάριν παρὰ Κυρίῳ, ἀνὴρ δὲ παράνομος παρασιωπηθήσεται. 3 οὐ κατορθώσει ἄνθρωπος ἐξ ἀνόμου, αἱ δὲ ῥίζαι τῶν δικαίων οὐκ ἐξαρθήσονται. 4 γυνὴ ἀνδρεία στέφανος τῷ ἀνδρὶ αὐτῆς· ὥσπερ δὲ ἐν ξύλῳ σκώληξ, οὕτως ἄνδρα ἀπόλλυσι γυνὴ κακοποιός. 5 λογισμοὶ δικαίων κρίματα, κυβερνῶσι δὲ ἀσεβεῖς δόλους. 6 λόγοι ἀσεβῶν δόλιοι, στόμα δὲ ὀρθῶν ρύσεται αὐτούς. 7 οὗ ἐὰν στραφῇ ὁ ἀσεβής, ἀφανίζεται, οἶκοι δὲ δικαίων παραμένουσι. 8 στόμα συνετοῦ ἐγκωμιάζεται ὑπὸ ἀνδρός, νωθροκάρδιος δὲ μυκτηρίζεται. 9 κρείσσων ἀνὴρ ἐν ἀτιμίᾳ δουλεύων ἑαυτῷ ἢ τιμὴν ἑαυτῷ περιτιθεὶς καὶ προσδεόμενος ἄρτου. 10 δίκαιος οἰκτείρει ψυχὰς κτηνῶν αὐτοῦ, τὰ δὲ σπλάγχνα τῶν ἀσεβῶν ἀνελεήμονα. 11 ὁ ἐργαζόμενος τὴν ἑαυτοῦ γῆν ἐμπλησθήσεται ἄρτων, οἱ δὲ διώκοντες μάταια ἐνδεεῖς φρενῶν. 11α ὅς ἐστιν ἡδὺς ἐν οἴνων διατριβαῖς, ἐν τοῖς ἑαυτοῦ ὀχυρώμασι καταλείψει ἀτιμίαν. 12 ἐπιθυμίαι ἀσεβῶν κακαί, αἱ δὲ ρίζαι τῶν εὐσεβῶν ἐν ὀχυρώμασι. 13 δι᾿ ἁμαρτίαν χειλέων ἐμπίπτει εἰς παγίδας ἁμαρτωλός, ἐκφεύγει δὲ ἐξ αὐτῶν δίκαιος. 13α ὁ βλέπων λεῖα ἐλεηθήσεται, ὁ δὲ συναντῶν ἐν πύλαις ἐκθλίψει ψυχάς. 14 ἀπὸ καρπῶν στόματος ψυχὴ ἀνδρὸς πλησθήσεται ἀγαθῶν, ἀνταπόδομα δὲ χειλέων αὐτοῦ δοθήσεται αὐτῷ. 15 ὁδοὶ ἀφρόνων ὀρθαὶ ἐνώπιον αὐτῶν, εἰσακούει δὲ συμβουλίας σοφός. 16 ἄφρων αὐθημερὸν ἐξαγγέλλει ὀργὴν αὐτοῦ, κρύπτει δὲ τὴν ἑαυτοῦ ἀτιμίαν ἀνὴρ πανοῦργος. 17 ἐπιδεικνυμένην πίστιν ἀπαγγέλλει δίκαιος, ὁ δὲ μάρτυς τῶν ἀδίκων δόλιος. 18 εἰσὶν οἳ λέγοντες τιτρώσκουσι μαχαίρᾳ, γλῶσσαι δὲ σοφῶν ἰῶνται. 19 χείλη ἀληθινὰ κατορθοῖ μαρτυρίαν, μάρτυς δὲ ταχὺς γλῶσσαν ἔχει ἄδικον. 20 δόλος ἐν καρδίᾳ τεκταινομένου κακά, οἱ δὲ βουλόμενοι εἰρήνην εὐφρανθήσονται. 21 οὐκ ἀρέσει τῷ δικαίῳ οὐδὲν ἄδικον, οἱ δὲ ἀσεβεῖς πλησθήσονται κακῶν. 22 βδέλυγμα Κυρίῳ χείλη ψευδῆ, ὁ δὲ ποιῶν πίστεις δεκτὸς παρ᾿ αὐτῷ. 23 ἀνὴρ συνετὸς θρόνος αἰσθήσεως, καρδία δὲ ἀφρόνων συναντήσεται ἀραῖς. 24 χεὶρ ἐκλεκτῶν κρατήσει εὐχερῶς, δόλιοι δὲ ἔσονται ἐν προνομῇ. 25 φοβερὸς λόγος καρδίαν ταράσσει ἀνδρὸς δικαίου, ἀγγελία δὲ ἀγαθὴ εὐφραίνει αὐτόν. 26 ἐπιγνώμων δίκαιος ἑαυτοῦ φίλος ἔσται, αἱ δὲ γνῶμαι τῶν ἀσεβῶν ἀνεπιεικεῖς. ἁμαρτάνοντας καταδιώξεται κακὰ ἡ δὲ ὁδὸς τῶν ἀσεβῶν πλανήσει αὐτούς. 27 οὐκ ἐπιτεύξεται δόλιος θήρας, κτῆμα δὲ τίμιον ἀνὴρ καθαρός. 28 ἐν ὁδοῖς δικαιοσύνης ζωή, ὁδοὶ δὲ μνησικάκων εἰς θάνατον.


» Please note that Masoretic 30:1–14 is after Septuagint Proverbs 24:22,
Masoretic 30:15–31:9 is after Septuagint Proverbs 24:34 and
Masoretic 31:10–31 is after Septuagint Proverbs 29:27.

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Note that the so called 'sixth' chapter of Baruch in the Septuagint is published separately as Letter of Jeremiah. Check also this note about the Order of Septuagint Psalms and the Masoretic.

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