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1 And the Philistines gather their armies to battle, and gather themselves to Socchoth of Judaea, and encamp between Socchoth and Azeca Ephermen. 2 And Saul and the men of Israel gather together, and they encamp in the valley, and set the battle in array against the Philistines. 3 And the Philistines stand on the mountain on one side, and Israel stands on the mountain on the other side, and the valley was between them. 4 And there went forth a mighty man out of the army of the Philistines, Goliath, by name, out of Geth, his height [was] four cubits and a span. 5 And [he had] a helmet upon his head, and he wore a breastplate of chain armour; and the weight of his breastplate [was] five thousand shekels of brass and iron. 6 And greaves of brass [were] upon his legs, and a brazen target [was] between his shoulders. 7 And the staff of his spear [was] like a weaver’s beam, and the spear’s head [was formed] of six hundred shekels of iron; and his armour-bearer went before him. 8 And he stood and cried to the army of Israel, and said to them, Why are ye come forth to set yourselves in battle array against us? Am not I a Philistine, and ye Hebrews of Saul? Choose for yourselves a man, and let him come down to me. 9 And if he shall be able to fight against me, and shall smite me, then will we be your servants: but if I should prevail and smite him, ye shall be our servants, and serve us. 10 And the Philistine said, Behold, I have defied the armies of Israel this very day: give me a man, and we will both of us fight in single combat. 11 And Saul and all Israel heard these words of the Philistine, and they were dismayed, and greatly terrified. **** [See Appendix] 32 And David said to Saul, Let not, I pray thee, the heart of my lord be dejected within him: thy servant will go, and fight with this Philistine. 33 And Saul said to David, Thou wilt not in anywise be able to go against this Philistine to fight with him, for thou art a mere youth, and he a man of war from his youth. 34 And David said to Saul, Thy servant was tending the flock for his father; and when a lion came and a she-bear, and took a sheep out of the flock, 35 then I went forth after him, and smote him, and drew [the spoil] out of his mouth: and as he rose up against me, then I caught hold of his throat, and smote him, and slew him. 36 Thy servant smote both the lion and the bear, and the uncircumcised Philistine shall be as one of them: shall I not go and smite him, and remove this day a reproach from Israel? For who [is] this uncircumcised one, who has defied the army of the living God? 37 The Lord who delivered me out of the paw of the lion and out the paw of the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this uncircumcised Philistine. And Saul said to David, Go, and the Lord shall be with thee. 38 And Saul clothed David with a military coat, and [put] his brazen helmet on his head. 39 And he girt David with his sword over his coat: and he made trial walking [with them] once and again: and David said to Saul, I shall not be able to go with these, for I have not proved [them]: so they remove them from him. 40 And he took his staff in his hand, and he chose for himself five smooth stones out of the brook, and put them in the shepherd’s scrip which he had for his store, and his sling was in his hand; and he approached the Philistine. * 41 [See Appendix] 42 And Goliath saw David, and despised him; for he was a lad, and ruddy, with a fair countenance. 43 And the Philistine said to David, Am I as a dog, that thou comest against me with a staff and stones? [and David said, Nay, but worse than a dog.] And the Philistine cursed David by his gods. 44 And the Philistine said to David, Come to me, and I will give thy flesh to the birds of the air, and to the beasts of the earth. 45 And David said to the Philistine, Thou comest to me with sword, and with spear, and with shield; but I come to thee in the name of the Lord God of hosts of the army of Israel, which thou hast defied 46 this day. And the Lord shall deliver thee this day into my hand; and I will slay thee, and take away thy head from off thee, and will give thy limbs and the limbs of the army of the Philistines this day to the birds of the sky, and to the wild beasts of the earth; and all the earth shall know that there is a God in Israel. 47 And all this assembly shall know that the Lord delivers not by sword or spear, for the battle [is] the Lord’s, and the Lord will deliver you into our hands. 48 And the Philistine arose and went to meet David. 49 And David stretched out his hand to his scrip, and took thence a stone, and slang it, and smote the Philistine on his forehead, and the stone penetrated through the helmet into his forehead, and he fell upon his face to the ground. ** 50 [See Appendix] 51 And David ran, and stood upon him, and took his sword, and slew him, and cut off his head: and the Philistines saw that their champion was dead, and they fled. 52 And the men of Israel and Juda arose, and shouted and pursued them as far as the entrance to Geth, and as far as the gate of Ascalon: and the slain men of the Philistines fell in the way of the gates, both to Geth, and to Accaron. 53 And the men of Israel returned from pursuing after the Philistines, and they destroyed their camp. 54 And David took the head of the Philistine, and brought it to Jerusalem; but he put his armour in his tent. *** 55-58 [See Appendix]


**** 12 And David son of an Ephrathite said, this Ephrathite was of Bethleem Juda, and his name was Jessae, and he had eight sons. And the man passed for an old man among men in the days of Saul. 13 And the three elder sons of Jessae went and followed Saul to the war, and the names of his sons that went to the war were, Eliab his first-born, and his second Aminadab, and his third son Samma. 14 And David himself was the younger son, and the three elder followed Saul. 15 And David departed and returned from Saul, to feed his father’s sheep in Bethleem. 16 And the Philistine advanced morning and evening, and stood up forty days. 17 And Jessae said to David, Take now to thy brethren an ephah of this meal, and these ten loaves, and run to the camp and give them to thy brothers. 18 And thou shalt carry to the captain of the thousand these ten cheeses of milk, and thou shalt see how thy brethren fare, and learn what they want. 19 And Saul himself and all the men of Israel were in the valley of the Oak, warring with the Philistines. 20 And David rose early in the morning, and left the sheep to a keeper, and took and went as Jessae commanded him, and he came to the trench and to the army as it was going out to fight, and they shouted for the battle. 21 And Israel and the Philistines formed their lines one opposite the other. 22 And David deposited his burden in the hand of a keeper, and ran to the line, and went and asked his brethren how they were. 23 And while he was speaking with them, behold the Amessaean advanced, Goliath by name, the Philistine of Geth, of the armies of the Philistines, and he spoke as before, and David heard. 24 And all the men of Israel when they saw the man fled from before him, and they were greatly terrified. 25 And the men of Israel said, Have ye seen this man that comes up? for he has reproached Israel and has come up ; and it shall be that the man who shall smite him, the king shall enrich him with great wealth, and shall give him his daughter, and shall make his father’s house free in Israel. 26 And David spoke to the men who stood with him, saying. Shall it indeed be done thus to the man who shall smite that Philistine, and take away reproach from Israel? for who is this uncircumcised Philistine that he has defied the army of the living God. 27 And the people spoke to him according to this word, saying. Thus shall it be done to the man who shall smite him. 28 And Eliab his elder brother heard as he spoke to the men, and Eliab was very angry with David and said, Why hast thou thus come down, and with whom hast thou left those few sheep in the wilderness? I know thy pride and the naughtiness of thine heart, for thou art come down to see the battle. 29 And David said, What have I done now? Have I no business here ? 30 And he turned from him toward another, and he spoke after the same manner; and the people answered him after the former manner. 31 And the words which David spoke were heard, and were reported to Saul. And he took him to himself.

* 41 And the Philistine advanced and drew nigh to David, and a man bearing his shield went before him, and the Philistine looked on.

** 50 So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone, and smote the Philistine and slew him, and there was no sword in the hand of David.

*** 55 And when Saul saw David going out to meet the Philistine, he said to Abenner the captain of the host. Whose son is this youth? and Abenner said, As thy soul lives, king, I know not. 56 And the king said. Do thou ask whose son this youth is. 57 And as David returned from the slaughter of the Philistine, Abenner took him and brought him in before Saul, and the head of the Philistine was in his hand. 58 And Saul said to him, Whose son art thou, young man? and David said. The son of thy servant Jesse the Bethleemite.
ΚΑΙ συνάγουσιν ἀλλόφυλοι τὰς παρεμβολὰς αὐτῶν εἰς πόλεμον καὶ συνάγονται εἰς Σοκχὼθ τῆς ᾿Ιουδαίας καὶ παρεμβάλλουσιν ἀνὰ μέσον Σοκχὼθ καὶ ἀνὰ μέσον ᾿Αζηκὰ ᾿Εφερμέμ. 2 καὶ Σαοὺλ καὶ οἱ ἄνδρες ᾿Ισραὴλ συνάγονται καὶ παρεμβάλλουσιν ἐν τῇ κοιλάδι αὐτοὶ καὶ παρατάσσονται εἰς πόλεμον ἐξεναντίας τῶν ἀλλοφύλων. 3 καὶ ἀλλόφυλοι ἵστανται ἐπὶ τοῦ ὄρους ἐνταῦθα, καὶ ᾿Ισραὴλ ἵσταται ἐπὶ τοῦ ὄρους ἐνταῦθα, καὶ ὁ αὐλὼν ἀνὰ μέσον αὐτῶν. 4 καὶ ἐξῆλθεν ἀνὴρ δυνατὸς ἐκ τῆς παρατάξεως τῶν ἀλλοφύλων Γολιὰθ ὄνομα αὐτῶν ἐκ Γέθ, ὕψος αὐτοῦ τεσσάρων πήχεων καὶ σπιθαμῆς· 5 καὶ περικεφαλαία ἐπὶ τῆς κεφαλῆς αὐτοῦ, καὶ θώρακα ἁλυσιδωτὸν αὐτὸς ἐνδεδυκώς, καὶ ὁ σταθμὸς τοῦ θώρακος αὐτοῦ πέντε χιλιάδες σίκλων χαλκοῦ καὶ σιδήρου· 6 καὶ κνημῖδες χαλκαῖ ἐπὶ τῶν σκελῶν αὐτοῦ, καὶ ἀσπὶς χαλκῆ ἀνὰ μέσον τῶν ὤμων αὐτοῦ· 7 καὶ ὁ κοντὸς τοῦ δόρατος αὐτοῦ ὡσεὶ μέσακλον ὑφαινόντων, καὶ ἡ λόγχη αὐτοῦ ἑξακοσίων σίκλων σιδήρου· καὶ ὁ αἴρων τὰ ὅπλα αὐτοῦ προεπορεύετο αὐτοῦ. 8 καὶ ἔστη καὶ ἀνεβόησεν εἰς τὴν παράταξιν ᾿Ισραὴλ καὶ εἶπεν αὐτοῖς· τί ἐκπορεύεσθε παρατάξασθαι πολέμῳ ἐξεναντίας ἡμῶν; οὐκ ἐγώ εἰμι ἀλλόφυλος καὶ ὑμεῖς ῾Εβραῖοι τοῦ Σαούλ; ἐκλέξασθε ἑαυτοῖς ἄνδρα καὶ καταβήτω πρός με, 9 καὶ ἐὰν δυνηθῇ πολεμῆσαι πρός με καὶ ἐὰν πατάξῃ με, καὶ ἐσόμεθα ὑμῖν εἰς δούλους· ἐὰν δὲ ἐγὼ δυνηθῶ καὶ πατάξω αὐτόν, ἔσεσθε ἡμῖν εἰς δούλους καὶ δουλεύσετε ἡμῖν. 10 καὶ εἶπεν ὁ ἀλλόφυλος· ἰδοὺ ἐγὼ ὠνείδισα τὴν παράταξιν ᾿Ισραὴλ σήμερον ἐν τῇ ἡμέρᾳ ταύτῃ· δότε μοι ἄνδρα, καὶ μονομαχήσομεν ἀμφότεροι. 11 καὶ ἤκουσε Σαοὺλ καὶ πᾶς ᾿Ισραὴλ τὰ ῥήματα τοῦ ἀλλοφύλου ταῦτα καὶ ἐξέστησαν καὶ ἐφοβήθησαν σφόδρα.* 32 Καὶ εἶπε Δαυὶδ πρὸς Σαούλ· μὴ δὴ συμπεσέτω καρδία τοῦ Κυρίου μου ἐπ᾿ αὐτόν· ὁ δοῦλός σου πορεύσεται καὶ πολεμήσει μετὰ τοῦ ἀλλοφύλου τούτου. 33 καὶ εἶπε Σαοὺλ πρὸς τὸν Δαυὶδ· οὐ μὴ δυνήσῃ πορευθῆναι πρὸς τὸν ἀλλόφυλον τοῦ πολεμεῖν μετ᾿ αὐτοῦ, ὅτι παιδάριον εἶ σύ, καὶ αὐτὸς ἀνὴρ πολεμιστὴς ἐκ νεότητος αὐτοῦ. 34 καὶ εἶπε Δαυὶδ πρὸς Σαούλ· ποιμαίνων ἦν ὁ δοῦλός σου τῷ πατρὶ αὐτοῦ ἐν τῷ ποιμνίῳ, καὶ ὅταν ἤρχετο ὁ λέων καὶ ἡ ἄρκος καὶ ἐλάμβανε πρόβατον ἐκ τῆς ἀγέλης, 35 καὶ ἐξεπορευόμην ὀπίσω αὐτοῦ καὶ ἐπάταξα αὐτὸν καὶ ἐξέσπασα ἐκ τοῦ στόματος αὐτοῦ, καὶ εἰ ἐπανίστατο ἐπ᾿ ἐμέ, καὶ ἐκράτησα τοῦ φάρυγγος αὐτοῦ καὶ ἐπάταξα καὶ ἐθανάτωσα αὐτόν. 36 καὶ τὸν λέοντα καὶ τὴν ἄρκον ἔτυπτεν ὁ δοῦλός σου, καὶ ἔσται ὁ ἀλλόφυλος ὁ ἀπερίτμητος ὡς ἓν τούτων· οὐχὶ πορεύσομαι καὶ πατάξω αὐτόν, καὶ ἀφελῶ σήμερον ὄνειδος ἐξ ᾿Ισραήλ; διότι τίς ὁ ἀπερίτμητος οὗτος, ὃς ὠνείδισε παράταξιν Θεοῦ ζῶντος; 37 Κύριος, ὃς ἐξείλατό με ἐκ χειρὸς τοῦ λέοντος καὶ ἐκ χειρὸς τῆς ἄρκου, αὐτὸς ἐξελεῖταί με ἐκ χειρὸς τοῦ ἀλλοφύλου τοῦ ἀπεριτμήτου τούτου. καὶ εἶπε Σαοὺλ πρὸς Δαυίδ· πορεύου, καὶ ἔσται Κύριος μετὰ σοῦ. 38 καὶ ἐνέδυσε Σαοὺλ τὸν Δαυὶδ μανδύαν καὶ περικεφαλαίαν χαλκῆν περὶ τὴν κεφαλήν αὐτοῦ 39 καὶ ἔζωσε τὸν Δαυὶδ τὴν ρομφαίαν αὐτοῦ ἐπάνω τοῦ μανδύου αὐτοῦ. καὶ ἐκοπίασε περιπατήσας ἅπαξ καὶ δίς· καὶ εἶπε Δαυὶδ πρὸς Σαούλ· οὐ μὴ δύνωμαι πορευθῆναι ἐν τούτοις, ὅτι οὐ πεπείραμαι. καὶ ἀφαιροῦσιν αὐτὰ ἀπ᾿ αὐτοῦ. 40 καὶ ἔλαβε τὴν βακτηρίαν αὐτοῦ ἐν τῇ χειρὶ αὐτοῦ καὶ ἐξελέξατο ἑαυτῷ πέντε λίθους λείους ἐκ τοῦ χειμάρρου καὶ ἔθετο αὐτοὺς ἐν τῷ καδίῳ τῷ ποιμαινικῷ τῷ ὄντι αὐτῷ εἰς συλλογὴ καὶ σφενδόνην αὐτοῦ ἐν τῇ χειρὶ αὐτοῦ καὶ προσῆλθε πρὸς τὸν ἄνδρα τὸν ἀλλόφυλον. 41** 42 καὶ εἶδε Γολιὰθ τὸν Δαυὶδ καὶ ἐξητίμασεν αὐτόν, ὅτι αὐτὸς ἦν παιδάριον καὶ αὐτὸς πυρράκης μετὰ κάλλους ὀφθαλμῶν. 43 καὶ εἶπεν ὁ ἀλλόφυλος πρὸς Δαυίδ· ὡσεὶ κύων ἐγώ εἰμι, ὅτι σὺ ἔρχῃ ἐπ᾿ ἐμὲ ἐν ράβδῳ καὶ λίθοις; καὶ εἶπε Δαυίδ· οὐχί, ἀλλ᾿ ἢ χείρων κυνός. καὶ κατηράσατο ὁ ἀλλόφυλος τὸν Δαυὶδ ἐν τοῖς θεοῖς αὐτοῦ. 44 καὶ εἶπεν ὁ ἀλλόφυλος πρὸς Δαυίδ· δεῦρο πρός με, καὶ δώσω τὰς σάρκας σου τοῖς πετεινοῖς τοῦ οὐρανοῦ καὶ τοῖς κτήνεσι τῆς γῆς. 45 καὶ εἶπε Δαυὶδ πρὸς τὸν ἀλλόφυλον· σὺ ἔρχῃ πρός με ἐν ρομφαίᾳ καὶ ἐν δόρατι καὶ ἐν ἀσπίδι, κἀγὼ πορεύομαι πρός σε ἐν ὀνόματι Κυρίου Θεοῦ Σαβαὼθ παρατάξεως ᾿Ισραήλ, ἣν ὠνείδισας σήμερον· 46 καὶ ἀποκλείσει σε Κύριος σήμερον εἰς τὴν χεῖρά μου, καὶ ἀποκτενῶ σε καὶ ἀφελῶ τὴν κεφαλήν σου ἀπὸ σοῦ καὶ δώσω τὰ κῶλά σου καὶ τὰ κῶλα παρεμβολῆς ἀλλοφύλων ἐν ταύτῃ τῇ ἡμέρᾳ τοῖς πετεινοῖς τοῦ οὐρανοῦ καὶ τοῖς θηρίοις τῆς γῆς, καὶ γνώσεται πᾶσα ἡ γῆ, ὅτι ἔστι Θεὸς ἐν ᾿Ισραήλ· 47 καὶ γνώσεται πᾶσα ἡ ἐκκλησία αὕτη ὅτι οὐκ ἐν ρομφαίᾳ καὶ δόρατι σῴζει Κύριος, ὅτι τοῦ Κυρίου ὁ πόλεμος, καὶ παραδώσει Κύριος ὑμᾶς εἰς χεῖρας ἡμῶν. 48 καὶ ἀνέστη ὁ ἀλλόφυλος καὶ ἐπορεύθη εἰς συνάντησιν Δαυίδ. 49 καὶ ἐξέτεινε Δαυὶδ τὴν χεῖρα αὐτοῦ εἰς τὸ κάδιον καὶ ἔλαβεν ἐκεῖθεν λίθον ἕνα καὶ ἐσφενδόνισε καὶ ἐπάταξε τὸν ἀλλόφυλον ἐπὶ τὸ μέτωπον αὐτοῦ, καὶ διέθυ ὁ λίθος διά τῆς περικεφαλαίας εἰς τὸ μέτωπον αὐτοῦ, καὶ ἔπεσεν ἐπί πρόσωπον αὐτοῦ ἐπὶ τὴν γῆν. 50*** 51 καὶ ἔδραμε Δαυὶδ καὶ ἐπέστη ἐπ᾿ αὐτὸν καὶ ἔλαβε τὴν ρομφαίαν αὐτοῦ καὶ ἐθανάτωσεν αὐτὸν καὶ ἀφεῖλε τὴν κεφαλήν αὐτοῦ. καὶ εἶδον οἱ ἀλλόφυλοι ὅτι τέθνηκεν ὁ δυνατὸς αὐτῶν, καὶ ἔφυγον. 52 καὶ ἀνίστανται ἄνδρες ᾿Ισραὴλ καὶ ᾿Ιούδα καὶ ἠλάλαξαν καὶ κατεδίωξαν ὀπίσω αὐτῶν ἕως εἰσόδου Γὲθ καὶ ἕως τῆς πύλης ᾿Ασκάλωνος, καὶ ἔπεσον τραυματίαι τῶν ἀλλοφύλων ἐν τῇ ὁδῷ τῶν πυλῶν καὶ ἕως Γὲθ καὶ ἕως ᾿Ακκαρών. 53 καὶ ἀνέστρεψαν ἄνδρες ᾿Ισραὴλ ἐκκλίνοντες ὀπίσω τῶν ἀλλοφύλων καὶ κατεπάτουν τὰς παρεμβολὰς αὐτῶν. 54 καὶ ἔλαβε Δαυὶδ τὴν κεφαλὴν τοῦ ἀλλοφύλου, καὶ ἤνεγκεν αὐτὴν εἰς ῾Ιερουσαλὴμ καὶ τὰ σκεύη αὐτοῦ ἔθηκεν ἐν τῷ σκηνώματι αὐτοῦ. 55-58****


* 12 Καὶ εἶπε Δαυὶδ υἱὸς ἀνθρώπου ᾿Εφραθαίου· οὗτος ἐκ Βηθλεὲμ ᾿Ιούδα, καὶ ὄνομα αὐτῷ ᾿Ιεσσαί, καὶ αὐτῷ ὀκτῲ υἱοί· καὶ ὁ ἀνὴρ ἐν ταῖς ἡμέραις Σαοὺλ πρεσβύτερος ἐληλυθὼς ἐν ἀνδράσι. 13 καὶ ἐπορεύθησαν οἱ τρεῖς υἱοὶ ᾿Ιεσσαὶ οἱ μείζονες ὀπίσω Σαοὺλ εἰς πόλεμον, καὶ ὄνομα τῶν υἱῶν αὐτοῦ τῶν πορευθέντων εἰς τὸν πόλεμον, ᾿Ελιὰβ ὁ πρωτότοκος αὐτοῦ καὶ ὁ δεύτερος αὐτοῦ ᾿Αμιναδὰβ καὶ ὁ τρίτος αὐτοῦ Σαμμά. 14 καὶ Δαυὶδ αὐτός ἐστιν ὁ νεώτερος καὶ οἱ τρεῖς οἱ μείζονες ἐπορεύθησαν ὀπίσω Σαούλ. 15 Καὶ Δαυὶδ ἀπῆλθε καὶ ἀνέστρεψεν ἀπὸ τοῦ Σαούλ, ποιμαίνων τὰ πρόβατα τοῦ πατρὸς αὐτοῦ ἐν Βηθλεέμ. 16 καὶ προῆγεν ὁ ἀλλόφυλος ὀρθρίζων καὶ ὀψίζων καὶ ἐστηλώθη τεσσαράκοντα ἡμέρας. 17 καὶ εἶπεν ᾿Ιεσσαὶ πρὸς Δαυίδ· λαβὲ δὴ τοῖς ἀδελφοῖς σου οἰφὶ τοῦ ἀλφίτου καὶ δέκα ἄρτους τούτους καὶ διάδραμε εἰς τὴν παρεμβολὴν καὶ δὸς τοῖς ἀδελφοῖς σου, 18 καὶ τὰς δέκα τρυφαλίδας τοῦ γάλακτος τούτου εἰσοίσεις τῷ χιλιάρχῳ, καὶ τοὺς ἀδελφούς σου ἐπισκέψῃ εἰς εἰρήνην, καὶ ὅσα ἂν χρῄζωσι γνώσῃ. 19 καὶ Σαοὺλ αὐτὸς καὶ πᾶς ἀνὴρ ᾿Ισραὴλ ἐν τῇ κοιλάδι τῆς δρυὸς πολεμοῦντες μετὰ τῶν ἀλλοφύλων. 20 καὶ ὤρθρισε Δαυὶδ τὸ πρωΐ, καὶ ἀφῆκε τὰ πρόβατα φύλακι, καὶ ἔλαβε καὶ ἀπῆλθε, καθὰ ἐνετείλατο αὐτῷ ᾿Ιεσσαί· καὶ ἦλθεν εἰς τὴν στρογγύλωσιν καὶ δύναμιν τὴν ἐκπορευομένην εἰς τὴν παράταξιν· καὶ ἠλάλαξαν ἐν τῷ πολέμῳ. 21 καὶ παρετάξαντο ᾿Ισραὴλ καὶ οἱ ἀλλόφυλοι παράταξιν ἐξεναντίας παρατάξεως. 22 καὶ ἀφῆκε Δαυὶδ τὰ σκεύη αὐτοῦ ἀφ᾿ ἑαυτοῦ ἐπὶ χεῖρα φύλακος καὶ ἔδραμεν εἰς τὴν παράταξιν καὶ ἦλθε καὶ ἠρώτησε τοὺς ἀδελφοὺς αὐτοῦ εἰς εἰρήνην. 23 καὶ αὐτοῦ λαλοῦντος μετ᾿ αὐτῶν, ἰδοὺ ἀνὴρ ὁ μεσαῖος ἀνέβαινε, Γολιὰθ ὁ Φιλισταῖος ὄνομα αὐτῷ ἐκ Γέθ, ἐκ τῶν παρατάξεων τῶν ἀλλοφύλων, καὶ ἐλάλησε κατὰ τὰ ρήματα ταῦτα καὶ ἤκουσε Δαυίδ. 24 Καὶ πᾶς ἀνὴρ ᾿Ισραὴλ ἐν τῷ ἰδεῖν αὐτοὺς τὸν ἄνδρα, καὶ ἔφυγον ἐκ προσώπου αὐτοῦ καὶ ἐφοβήθησαν σφόδρα. 25 καὶ εἶπεν ἀνὴρ ᾿Ισραήλ· εἰ ἑωράκατε τὸν ἄνδρα τὸν ἀναβαίνοντα τοῦτον, ὅτι ὀνειδῖσαι τὸν ᾿Ισραὴλ ἀνέβη; καὶ ἔσται ἀνήρ, ὃς ἂν πατάξῃ αὐτόν, πλουτίσει αὐτὸν ὁ βασιλεὺς πλοῦτον μέγαν καὶ τὴν θυγατέρα αὐτοῦ δώσει αὐτῷ καὶ τὸν οἶκον τοῦ πατρὸς αὐτοῦ ποιήσει ἐλεύθερον ἐν τῷ ᾿Ισραήλ. 26 καὶ εἶπε Δαυὶδ πρὸς τοὺς ἄνδρας τοὺς συνεστηκότας μετ᾿ αὐτοῦ λέγων· ἢ ποιηθήσεται τῷ ἀνδρί, ὃς ἂν πατάξει τὸν ἀλλόφυλον ἐκεῖνον, καὶ ἀφελεῖ ὀνειδισμὸν ἀπὸ ᾿Ισραήλ; ὅτι τίς ἀλλόφυλος ὁ ἀπερίτμητος αὐτός, ὅτι ὠνείδισε παράταξιν Θεοῦ ζῶντος; 27 καὶ εἶπεν αὐτῷ ὁ λαὸς κατὰ τὸ ρῆμα τοῦτο λέγων· οὕτως ποιηθήσεται τῷ ἀνδρί, ὃς ἂν πατάξει αὐτόν. 28 καὶ ἤκουσεν ᾿Ελιὰβ ὁ ἀδελφὸς αὐτοῦ ὁ μείζων ἐν τῷ λαλεῖν αὐτὸν πρὸς τοὺς ἄνδρας καὶ ὠργίσθη θυμῷ ᾿Ελιὰβ ἐν τῷ Δαυὶδ καὶ εἶπεν· ἱνατί τοῦτο κατέβης καὶ ἐπὶ τίνα ἀφῆκας τὰ μικρὰ πρόβατα ἐκεῖνα ἐν τῇ ἐρήμῳ; ἐγὼ οἶδα τὴν ὑπερηφανίαν σου καὶ τὴν κακίαν τῆς καρδίας σου, ὅτι ἕνεκεν τοῦ ἰδεῖν τὸν πόλεμον κατέβης. 29 καὶ εἶπε Δαυίδ· τί ἐποίησα νῦν; οὐχί ρῆμά ἐστι; 30 καὶ ἐπέστρεψε παρ᾿ αὐτοῦ εἰς ἐναντίον ἑτέρου καὶ εἶπε κατὰ τὸ ρῆμα τοῦτο, καὶ ἀπεκρίθη αὐτῷ ὁ λαὸς κατὰ τὸ ρῆμα τοῦ πρώτου. 31 καὶ ἠκούσθησαν οἱ λόγοι, οὓς ἐλάλησε Δαυίδ, καὶ ἀνηγγέλησαν ὀπίσω Σαοὺλ καὶ παρέλαβεν αὐτόν.

** 41 Καὶ ἐπορεύθη ὁ ἀλλόφυλος πορευόμενος καὶ ἐγγίζων πρὸς Δαυίδ, καὶ ἀνὴρ ὁ αἴρων τὸν θυρεὸν ἔμπροσθεν αὐτοῦ, καὶ ἐπέβλεψεν ὁ ἀλλόφυλος

*** 50 Καὶ ἐκραταίωσε Δαυὶδ ὑπὲρ τὸν ἀλλόφυλον ἐν τῇ σφενδόνῃ καὶ ἐν τῷ λίθῳ, καὶ ἐπάταξε τὸν ἀλλόφυλον καὶ ἐθανάτωσεν αὐτόν· καὶ ρομφαία οὐκ ἦν ἐν χειρὶ Δαυίδ.

**** 55 Καὶ ὡς εἶδε Σαοὺλ τὸν Δαυὶδ ἐκπορευόμενον εἰς ἀπάντησιν τοῦ ἀλλοφύλου, εἶπε πρὸς ᾿Αβεννὴρ τὸν ἄρχοντα τῆς δυνάμεως· Υἱὸς τίνος ὁ νεανίσκος οὗτος; καὶ εἶπεν ᾿Αβεννήρ· ζῇ ἡ ψυχή σου, βασιλεῦ, εἰ οἶδα. 56 καὶ εἶπεν ὁ βασιλεύς· ἐπερώτησον σύ, υἱὸς τίνος ὁ νεανίσκος οὗτος. 57 καὶ ὡς ἐπέστρεψε Δαυὶδ τοῦ πατάξαι τὸν ἀλλόφυλον, καὶ παρέλαβεν αὐτὸν ᾿Αβεννὴρ καὶ εἰσήγαγεν αὐτὸν ἐνώπιον Σαούλ, καὶ ἡ κεφαλὴ τοῦ ἀλλοφύλου ἐν τῇ χειρὶ αὐτοῦ. 58 καὶ εἶπε πρὸς αὐτὸν Σαούλ· υἱὸς τίνος εἶ, παιδάριον, καὶ εἶπε Δυαίδ· υἱὸς δούλου σου ᾿Ιεσσαὶ τοῦ Βηθλεεμείτου.

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