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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

The Greek Old Testament (Septuagint)

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1 A labouring man that is given to drunkenness shall not be rich: and he that contemneth small things shall fall by little and little. 2 Wine and women will make men of understanding to fall away: and he that cleaveth to harlots will become impudent. 3 Moths and worms shall have him to heritage, and a bold man shall be taken away. 4 He that is hasty to give credit is lightminded; and he that sinneth shall offend against his own soul. 5 Whoso taketh pleasure in wickedness shall be condemned: but he that resisteth pleasures crowneth his life. 6 He that can rule his tongue shall live without strife; and he that hateth babbling shall have less evil. 7 Rehearse not unto another that which is told unto thee, and thou shalt fare never the worse. 8 Whether it be to friend or foe, talk not of other men’s lives; and if thou canst without offence, reveal them not. 9 For he heard and observed thee, and when time cometh he will hate thee. 10 If thou hast heard a word, let it die with thee; and be bold, it will not burst thee. 11 A fool travaileth with a word, as a woman in labour of a child. 12 As an arrow that sticketh in a man’s thigh, so is a word within a fool’s belly. 13 Admonish a friend, it may be he hath not done it: and if he have done it, that he do it no more. 14 Admonish thy friend, it may be he hath not said it: and if he have, that he speak it not again. 15 Admonish a friend: for many times it is a slander, and believe not every tale. 16 There is one that slippeth in his speech, but not from his heart; and who is he that hath not offended with his tongue? 17 Admonish thy neighbour before thou threaten him; and not being angry, give place to the law of the most High. 18 The fear of the Lord is the first step to be accepted of him, and wisdom obtaineth his love. 19 The knowledge of the commandments of the Lord is the doctrine of life: and they that do things that please him shall receive the fruit of the tree of immortality. 20 The fear of the Lord is all wisdom; and in all wisdom is the performance of the law, and the knowledge of his omnipotency. 21 If a servant say to his master, I will not do as it pleaseth thee; though afterward he do it, he angereth him that nourisheth him. 22 The knowledge of wickedness is not wisdom, neither at any time the counsel of sinners prudence. 23 There is a wickedness, and the same an abomination; and there is a fool wanting in wisdom. 24 He that hath small understanding, and feareth God, is better than one that hath much wisdom, and transgresseth the law of the most High. 25 There is an exquisite subtilty, and the same is unjust; and there is one that turneth aside to make judgment appear; and there is a wise man that justifieth in judgment. 26 There is a wicked man that hangeth down his head sadly; but inwardly he is full of deceit, 27 Casting down his countenance, and making as if he heard not: where he is not known, he will do thee a mischief before thou be aware. 28 And if for want of power he be hindered from sinning, yet when he findeth opportunity he will do evil. 29 A man may be known by his look, and one that hath understanding by his countenance, when thou meetest him. 30 A man’s attire, and excessive laughter, and gait, shew what he is. ΕΡΓΑΤΗΣ μέθυσος οὐ πλουτισθήσεται· ὁ ἐξουθενῶν τὰ ὀλίγα κατὰ μικρὸν πεσεῖται. 2 οἶνος καὶ γυναῖκες ἀποστήσουσι συνετούς, καὶ ὁ κολλώμενος πόρναις τολμηρότερος ἔσται· 3 σῆτες καὶ σκώληκες κληρονομήσουσιν αὐτόν, καὶ ψυχὴ τολμηρὰ ἐξαρθήσεται. 4 ῾Ο ταχὺ ἐμπιστεύων κοῦφος καρδίᾳ, καὶ ὁ ἁμαρτάνων εἰς ψυχὴν αὐτοῦ πλημμελήσει. 5 ὁ εὐφραινόμενος καρδίᾳ καταγνωσθήσεται, 6 καὶ ὁ μισῶν λαλιὰν ἐλαττονοῦται κακίᾳ. 7 μηδέποτε δευτερώσῃς λόγον, καὶ οὐθέν σοι οὐ μὴ ἐλαττονωθῇ. 8 ἐν φίλῳ καὶ ἐν ἐχθρῷ μὴ διηγοῦ, καὶ εἰ μή ἔστι σοι ἁμαρτία, μὴ ἀποκάλυπτε· 9 ἀκήκοε γάρ σου καὶ ἐφυλάξατό σε, καὶ ἐν καιρῷ μισήσει σε. 10 ἀκήκοας λόγον, συναποθανέτω σοι· θάρσει, οὐ μή σε ῥήξει. 11 ἀπὸ προσώπου λόγου ὠδινήσει μωρὸς ὡς ἀπὸ προσώπου βρέφους ἡ τίκτουσα. 12 βέλος πεπηγὸς ἐν μηρῷ σαρκός, οὕτως λόγος ἐν κοιλίᾳ μωροῦ. 13 ῎Ελεγξον φίλον, μήποτε οὐκ ἐποίησε, καὶ εἴ τι ἐποίησε, μήποτε προσθῇ. 14 ἔλεγξον τὸν πλησίον, μήποτε οὐκ εἶπε, καὶ εἰ εἴρηκεν, ἵνα μὴ δευτερώσῃ. 15 ἔλεγξον φίλον, πολλάκις γὰρ γίνεται διαβολή, καὶ μὴ παντὶ λόγῳ πίστευε. 16 ἔστιν ὀλισθαίνων καὶ οὐκ ἀπὸ ψυχῆς, καὶ τίς οὐχ ἡμάρτησεν ἐν τῇ γλώσσῃ αὐτοῦ; 17 ἔλεγξον τὸν πλησίον σου πρὶν ἢ ἀπειλῆσαι, καὶ δὸς τόπον νόμῳ ῾Υψίστου. [γινόμενος ἄμηνις. 18 φόβος Κυρίου ἀρχὴ προσλήψεως, σοφία δὲ παρ’ αὐτοῦ ἀγάπησιν περιποιεῖ. 19 γνῶσις ἐντολῶν Κυρίου παιδεία ζωῆς, οἱ δὲ ποιοῦντες τὰ ἀρεστὰ αὐτῷ ἀθανασίας δένδρον καρποῦνται]. 20 Πᾶσα σοφία φόβος Κυρίου, καὶ ἐν πάσῃ σοφίᾳ ποίησις νόμου· [καὶ γνῶσις τῆς παντοδυναμίας αὐτοῦ. 21 οἰκέτης λέγων τῷ δεσπότῃ· ὡς ἀρέσκει οὐ ποιήσω, ἐὰν μετὰ ταῦτα ποιήσῃ, παροργίζει τὸν τρέφοντα αὐτόν]. 22 καὶ οὐκ ἔστι σοφία πονηρίας ἐπιστήμη, καὶ οὐκ ἔστιν ὅπου βουλὴ ἁμαρτωλῶν φρόνησις. 23 ἔστι πονηρία καὶ αὕτη βδέλυγμα, καὶ ἔστιν ἄφρων ἐλαττούμενος σοφίᾳ. 24 κρείττων ἡττώμενος ἐν συνέσει ἔμφοβος ἢ περισσεύων ἐν φρονήσει καὶ παραβαίνων νόμον. 25 ἔστι πανουργία ἀκριβὴς καὶ αὕτη ἄδικος, καὶ ἔστι διαστρέφων χάριν τοῦ ἐκφᾶναι κρίμα. 26 ἔστι πονηρευόμενος συγκεκυφὼς μελανίᾳ, καὶ τὰ ἐντὸς αὐτοῦ πλήρης δόλου· 27 συγκύφων πρόσωπον καὶ ἑτεροκωφῶν, ὅπου οὐκ ἐπεγνώσθη, προφθάσει σε· 28 καὶ ἐὰν ὑπὸ ἐλαττώματος ἰσχύος κωλυθῇ ἁμαρτεῖν, ἐὰν εὕρῃ καιρόν, κακοποιήσει. 29 ἀπὸ ὁράσεως ἐπιγνωσθήσεται ἀνήρ, καὶ ἀπὸ ἀπαντήσεως προσώπου ἐπιγνωσθήσεται νοήμων. 30 στολισμὸς ἀνδρὸς καὶ γέλως ὀδόντων καὶ βήματα ἀνθρώπου ἀναγγέλλει τὰ περὶ αὐτοῦ.

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