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Three Millennia of Greek Literature

The Greek Old Testament (Septuagint)

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1 Now after these things, in the reign of Arthasastha king of the Persians, came up Esdras the son of Saraias, the son of Azarias, the son of Chelcias, 2 the son of Selum, the son of Sadduc, the son of Achitob, 3 the son of Samarias, the son of Esria, the son of Mareoth, 4 the son of Zaraia, the son of Ozias, the son of Bokki, 5 the son of Abisue, the son of Phinees, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the first priest. 6 This Esdras went up out of Babylon; and he was a ready scribe in the law of Moses, which the Lord God of Israel gave: and the king gave him [leave], for the hand of the Lord his God was upon him in all things which he sought. 7 And [some] of the children of Israel went up, and [some] of the priests, and of the Levites, and the singers, and the door-keepers, and the Nathinim, to Jerusalem, in the seventh year of Arthasastha the king. 8 And they came to Jerusalem in the fifth month, this [was] the seventh year of the king. 9 For in the first [day] of the first month he began the going up from Babylon, and in the first day of the fifth month, they came to Jerusalem, for the good hand of his God was upon him. 10 For Esdras had determined in his heart to seek the law, and to do and teach the ordinances and judgments in Israel. 11 And this [is] the copy of the order which Arthasastha gave to Esdras the priest, the scribe of the book of the words of the commandments of the Lord, and of his ordinances to Israel. 12 Arthasastha, king of kings, to Esdras, the scribe of the law of the Lord God of heaven, Let the order and the answer be accomplished. 13 A decree is made by me, that every one who is willing in my kingdom of the people of Israel, and of the priests and Levites, to go to Jerusalem, [be permitted] to go with thee. 14 [One] has been sent from the king and the seven councillors, to visit Judea and Jerusalem, according to the law of their God that is in thine hand. 15 And for the house of the Lord [there have been sent] silver and gold, which the king and the councillors have freely given to the God of Israel, who dwells in Jerusalem. 16 And all the silver and gold, whatsoever thou shalt find in all the land of Babylon, with the freewill-offering of the people, and the priests that offer freely for the house of God which is in Jerusalem. 17 And as for every one that arrives [there], speedily order him by this letter [to bring] calves, rams, lambs, and their meat-offerings, and their drink-offerings; and thou shalt offer them on the altar of the house of your God which is in Jerusalem. 18 And whatever it shall seem good to thee and to thy brethren to do with the rest of the silver and the gold, do as it is pleasing to your God. 19 And deliver the vessels that are given thee for the service of the house of God, before God in Jerusalem. 20 And as to the rest of the need of the house of thy God, thou shalt give from the king’s treasure-houses, 21 and from me, whatever it shall seem [good] to thee to give. I king Arthasastha have made a decree for all the treasuries that are in the [country] beyond the river, that whatever Esdras the priest and scribe of the God of heaven may ask you, it shall be done speedily, 22 to [the amount of] a hundred talents of silver, and a hundred measures of wheat, and a hundred baths of wine, and a hundred baths of oil, and salt without reckoning. 23 Let whatever is in the decree of the God of heaven, be done: take heed lest any one make an attack on the house of the God of heaven, lest at any time there shall be wrath against the realm of the king and his sons. 24 Also this has been declared to you, with respect to all the priests, and Levites, the singers, porters, Nathinim and ministers of the house of God, let no tribute be [paid] to thee; thou shalt not have power to oppress them. 25 And thou, Esdras, as the wisdom of God [is] in thy hand, appoint scribes and judges, that they may judge for all the people beyond the river, all that know the law of the Lord thy God; and ye shall make it known to him that knows not. 26 And whosoever shall not do the law of God, and the law of the king readily, judgment shall be taken upon him, whether for death or for chastisement, or for a fine of his property, or casting into prison. 27 Blessed [be] the Lord God of our fathers, who has put it thus into the heart of the king, to glorify the house of the Lord which is in Jerusalem; 28 and has given me favour in the eyes of the king, and of his councillors, and all the rulers of the king, the exalted ones. And I was strengthened according to the good hand of God upon me, and I gathered chief men of Israel to go up with me. ΚΑΙ μετὰ τὰ ῥήματα ταῦτα ἐν βασιλείᾳ ᾿Αρθασασθὰ βασιλέως Περσῶν ἀνέβη ῎Εσδρας υἱὸς Σαραίου, υἱοῦ ᾿Αζαρίου, υἱοῦ Χελκία, 2 υἱοῦ Σελούμ, υἱοῦ Σαδδούκ, υἱοῦ ᾿Αχιτώβ, 3 υἱοῦ Σαμαρία, υἱοῦ ᾿Εσριά, υἱοῦ Μαρεώθ, 4 υἱοῦ Ζαραΐα, υἱοῦ ᾿Οζίου, υἱοῦ Βοκκί, 5 υἱοῦ ᾿Αβισουέ, υἱοῦ Φινεές, υἱοῦ ᾿Ελεάζαρ, υἱοῦ ᾿Ααρὼν τοῦ ἱερέως τοῦ πρώτου· 6 αὐτὸς ῎Εσδρας ἀνέβη ἐκ Βαβυλῶνος, καὶ αὐτὸς γραμματεὺς ταχὺς ἐν νόμῳ Μωυσῇ, ὃν ἔδωκε Κύριος ὁ Θεὸς ᾿Ισραήλ. καὶ ἔδωκεν αὐτῷ ὁ βασιλεύς, ὅτι χεὶρ Κυρίου Θεοῦ αὐτοῦ ἐπ᾿ αὐτὸν ἐν πᾶσιν, οἷς ἐζήτει αὐτός. 7 καὶ ἀνέβησαν ἀπὸ τῶν υἱῶν ᾿Ισραὴλ καὶ ἀπὸ τῶν ἱερέων καὶ ἀπὸ τῶν Λευιτῶν καὶ οἱ ἄδοντες καὶ οἱ πυλωροὶ καὶ οἱ Ναθινὶμ εἰς ῾Ιερουσαλὴμ ἐν ἔτει ἑβδόμῳ τῷ ᾿Αρθασασθὰ τῷ βασιλεῖ. 8 καὶ ἤλθοσαν εἰς ῾Ιερουσαλὴμ τῷ μηνὶ τῷ πέμπτῳ, τοῦτο τὸ ἔτος ἕβδομον τῷ βασιλεῖ· 9 ὅτι ἐν μιᾷ τοῦ μηνὸς τοῦ πρώτου αὐτὸς ἐθεμελίωσε τὴν ἀνάβασιν τὴν ἀπὸ Βαβυλῶνος, ἐν δὲ τῇ πρώτῃ τοῦ μηνὸς τοῦ πέμπτου ἤλθοσαν εἰς ῾Ιερουσαλήμ, ὅτι χεὶρ Θεοῦ αὐτοῦ ἦν ἀγαθὴ ἐπ᾿ αὐτόν. 10 ὅτι ῎Εσρας ἔδωκεν ἐν καρδίᾳ αὐτοῦ ζητῆσαι τὸν νόμον καὶ ποιεῖν καὶ διδάσκειν ἐν ᾿Ισραὴλ προστάγματα καὶ κρίματα. 11 Καὶ αὕτη ἡ διασάφησις τοῦ διατάγματος, οὗ ἔδωκεν ᾿Αρθασασθὰ τῷ ῎Εσδρᾳ τῷ ἱερεῖ τῷ γραμματεῖ βιβλίου λόγων ἐντολῶν Κυρίου καὶ προσταγμάτων αὐτοῦ ἐπὶ τὸν ᾿Ισραήλ· 12 «᾿Αρθασασθὰ βασιλεὺς βασιλέων ῎Εσδρᾳ γραμματεῖ νόμου Κυρίου τοῦ Θεοῦ τοῦ οὐρανοῦ· τετέλεσθαι λόγος καὶ ἡ ἀπόκρισις. 13 ἀπ᾿ ἐμοῦ ἐτέθη γνώμη ὅτι πᾶς ὁ ἑκουσιαζόμενος ἐν βασιλείᾳ μου ἀπὸ λαοῦ ᾿Ισραὴλ καὶ ἱερέων καὶ Λευιτῶν πορευθῆναι εἰς ῾Ιερουσαλήμ, μετὰ σοῦ πορευθῆναι. 14 ἀπὸ προσώπου τοῦ βασιλέως καὶ τῶν ἑπτὰ συμβούλων ἀπεστάλη ἐπισκέψασθαι ἐπὶ τὴν ᾿Ιουδαίαν καὶ εἰς ῾Ιερουσαλὴμ νόμῳ Θεοῦ αὐτῶν τῷ ἐν χειρί σου 15 καὶ εἰς οἶκον Κυρίου ἀργύριον καὶ χρυσίον, ὃ ὁ βασιλεὺς καὶ οἱ σύμβουλοι ἑκουσιάσθησαν τῷ Θεῷ τοῦ ᾿Ισραὴλ τῷ ἐν ῾Ιερουσαλὴμ κατασκηνοῦντι, 16 καὶ πᾶν ἀργύριον καὶ χρυσίον, ὅ,τι ἐὰν εὕρῃς ἐν πάσῃ χώρᾳ Βαβυλῶνος μετὰ ἑκουσιασμοῦ τοῦ λαοῦ καὶ ἱερέων τῶν ἑκουσιαζομένων εἰς οἶκον Θεοῦ τὸν ἐν ῾Ιερουσαλήμ, 17 καὶ πάντα προσπορευόμενον τοῦτον ἑτοίμως ἔνταξον ἐν βιβλίῳ τούτῳ, μόσχους, κριούς, ἀμνοὺς καὶ θυσίας αὐτῶν καὶ σπονδὰς αὐτῶν, καὶ προσοίσεις αὐτὰ ἐπὶ τοῦ θυσιαστηρίου τοῦ οἴκου τοῦ Θεοῦ ὑμῶν τοῦ ἐν ῾Ιερουσαλήμ. 18 καὶ εἴ τι ἐπὶ σὲ καὶ τοὺς ἀδελφούς σου ἀγαθυνθῇ ἐν καταλοίπῳ τοῦ ἀργυρίου καὶ τοῦ χρυσίου ποιῆσαι, ὡς ἀρεστὸν τῷ Θεῷ ὑμῶν ποιήσατε. 19 καὶ τὰ σκεύη τὰ διδόμενά σοι εἰς λειτουργίαν οἴκου Θεοῦ παράδος ἐνώπιον τοῦ Θεοῦ ἐν ῾Ιερουσαλήμ. 20 καὶ κατάλοιπον χρείας οἴκου Θεοῦ σου, ὃ ἂν φανῇ σοι δοῦναι, δώσεις ἀπὸ οἴκων γάζης βασιλέως 21 καὶ ἀπ᾿ ἐμοῦ. ἐγὼ ᾿Αρθασασθὰ βασιλεὺς ἔθηκα γνώμην πάσαις ταῖς γάζαις ταῖς ἐν πέρᾳ τοῦ ποταμοῦ, ὅτι πᾶν, ὃ ἄν αἰτήσῃ ὑμᾶς ῎Εδρας ὁ ἱερεὺς καὶ γραμματεὺς τοῦ Θεοῦ τοῦ οὐρανοῦ, ἑτοίμως γινέσθω, 22 ἕως ἀργυρίου ταλάντων ἑκατὸν καὶ ἕως πυροῦ κόρων ἑκατὸν καὶ ἕως οἴνου βατῶν ἑκατὸν καὶ ἕως ἐλαίου βατῶν ἑκατὸν καὶ ἅλας οὗ οὐκ ἔστι γραφή. 23 πᾶν ὅ ἐστιν ἐν γνώμῃ Θεοῦ τοῦ οὐρανοῦ, γινέσθω. προσέχετε μή τις ἐπιχειρήσῃ εἰς τὸν οἶκον Θεοῦ τοῦ οὐρανοῦ, μή ποτε γένηται ὀργὴ ἐπὶ τὴν βασιλείαν τοῦ βασιλέως καὶ τῶν υἱῶν αὐτοῦ. 24 καὶ ὑμῖν ἐγνώρισται ἐν πᾶσι τοῖς ἱερεῦσι καὶ τοῖς Λευίταις, ᾄδουσι, πυλωροῖς, Ναθινὶμ καὶ λειτουργοῖς οἴκου Θεοῦ τοῦτο, φόρος μὴ ἔστω σοι, οὐκ ἐξουσιάσεις καταδουλοῦσθαι αὐτούς. 25 καὶ σύ, ῎Εσδρα, ὡς ἡ σοφία τοῦ Θεοῦ ἐν χειρί σου, κατάστησον γραμματεῖς καὶ κριτάς, ἵνα ὦσι κρίνοντες παντὶ τῷ λαῷ ἐν πέρᾳ τοῦ ποταμοῦ πᾶσι τοῖς εἰδόσι νόμον τοῦ Θεοῦ σου, καὶ τῷ μὴ εἰδότι γνωριεῖτε. 26 καὶ πᾶς, ὃς ἂν μὴ ᾖ ποιῶν νόμον τοῦ Θεοῦ καὶ νόμον τοῦ βασιλέως ἑτοίμως, τὸ κρίμα ἔσται γινόμενον ἐξ αὐτοῦ, ἐάν τε εἰς θάνατον ἐάν τε εἰς παιδείαν ἐάν τε εἰς ζημίαν τοῦ βίου ἐάν τε εἰς παράδοσιν». 27 Εὐλογητὸς Κύριος ὁ Θεὸς τῶν πατέρων ἡμῶν, ὃς ἔδωκεν ἐν καρδίᾳ τοῦ βασιλέως οὕτως, τοῦ δοξάσαι τὸν οἶκον Κυρίου τὸν ἐν ῾Ιερουσαλήμ. 28 καὶ ἐπ᾿ ἐμὲ ἔκλινεν ἔλεος ἐν ὀφθαλμοῖς τοῦ βασιλέως καὶ τῶν συμβούλων αὐτοῦ καὶ πάντων τῶν ἀρχόντων τοῦ βασιλέως τῶν ἐπῃρμένων. καὶ ἐγὼ ἐκραταιώθην ὡς χεὶρ Θεοῦ ἡ ἀγαθὴ ἐπ᾿ ἐμέ, καὶ συνῆξα ἀπὸ ᾿Ισραὴλ ἄρχοντας ἀναβῆναι μετ᾿ ἐμοῦ.

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