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Images of Europe  
An annotated photo collection

Photos & texts by Kostas Katsiyiannis

From Bosporus to Thames (or vice versa), Europe emerges in the lens and pen of a contemporary Greek photographer


Christianity in (33) Modern Greek Paintings

Alektoridis, Antonakos, Argyros, Biskinis, Geralis, Gyzis, Derparas, Kagaras, Kantzikis, Kontoglou, Laskaridou, Maleas, Matsakis, Moralis, Papaloukas, Papanakos, Parthenis, Pentzikis, Polykandriotis, Polymeris, Prosalentis, Rallis, Tsokos, Vikatos, Vryzakis, Zographos


12 Mosaics of Daphni Monastery - Greece

Orthodox Images of the Christ

Childhood in Modern Greek Paintings

Kanellis, Jakobides, Galanis, Karagatsi, Lytras, Zacharias, Pervolarakis, Sikeliotis, Moralis, Tassos

Images from Darkness

Photos by Don McCullin

Picasso's Greece

12 samples of paintings and drawings by Picasso, inspired from Greece 

Heidemarie Obermüller

"The light is wisdom or God, no matter what we call this luminousness, it is the eternal quest of mankind for enlightenment..."

Dickens' England: The Engraved Tour 

In 4 pages (25 images)

The Phiz Illustrations of David Copperfield

Complete collection, with extracts from the relevant David Copperfield chapters.

Constantinople * A History of Ancient Greek Art * The Greek Line & the Greek Color
Time was the architect, Europe was the builder  * Architecture needs a Grammar

 Greek Word Library

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